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Expressive Arts Magnet





South Miami K-8 Center Expressive Arts Magnet is a school which recruits talented children entering 3rd, 4th and 5th grades .
Students who demonstrate talent in ART, DANCE MUSIC and THEATRE are encouraged to apply.

In addition to the regular curriculum, magnet students receive up to six hours each week of arts instruction by professional artists/teachers in fully equipped studios with small class size, while 6th-8th graders attend CAT and CIE (Double C) for two periods a day.
Small size, individualized arts programs, high student achievement levels and a warm, nurturing environment, make South Miami K-8 Center a very special place.

Students entering the 6th grade, who are already students of South Miami K-8 Center and demonstrate an interest in Computer Art Technology and Culturally Inspired Education are eligible to apply for our C@T and CIE (Double C) Magnet program.










Anamarie G. Moreiras, Principal / Alina Gallego, Assistant Principal /
6800 S. W. 60 Street  / South Miami, Florida 33143 /  Phone: 305-667-8847 /  Fax: 305-665-3217